Pin Mill Moorings Ltd

Once afloat we can deliver your boat to another local location if needed or placed on one of our moorings for a short time until you are ready to collect her.

Kings boatyard has always worked closely with Tony Ward Moorings, placing our customers boats onto his swinging moorings. Since Tony’s retirement 7 years ago we have run the moorings – now known as Pin Mill Moorings Ltd.

If you choose to book one of our moorings we offer a wide range suitable from small day boats up to 38′.  We have three types of swinging moorings from half tide out to deep water – stretching from just down stream of the Butt buoy up to number 6 port buoy.

During the booking process you are asked your preferred location and we do our very best to allocate your boat to the most suitable mooring within that chosen area.  All moorings are booked for the season, which runs from March through to November.

We are also able to service private moorings and lay new moorings (within the Pin Mill area), allocated by the Ipswich Harbour Master at Associated British Ports.


When visiting Pin Mill please look out for the orange pick up buoys with VISITOR painted on them and a sign attached with further information. Funds collected from visiting yachts goes direct to RNLI.